bill granger's chocolate chip cookies

more for the holidays. more, more, more. how the cookies look in "sydney food" :

book cookie
©elsa hutton 2000

how they actually look at home:

home cookie

i dunno. works for me. by the book, so buy the book!


Hi Santos,

Hmmm. I think they both look the same. Did you make those cookies in the book too? =P

hon, i may not have baked them in the book, but i can bake them in a nook. i can bake them on a rock, i can bake them when i sleepwalk. i can bake them here or there, i can bake them anywhere! :-)

just don't expect me to eat them.


gorgeous! i will be doing the *post* christmas baking spree. and the dinner party came off fabulously -- thanks for asking! the bittersweet molten chocolate cakes turned out perfectly. happy baking, and keep those beautiful photos coming. you're an inspiration!

"so buy the book!"

OK, OK - I did, I did.

hi hailyn

you're so smart, baking after xmas--no rush! i should do that next year, then i'd have time to do funky icing and cut out cookies. and then concentrate on important stuff, like getting replacing the expired tags on my car (shhhhhh!).

hi cathy

you know, the last person who actually listened to me ended up in a ditch.

Hopefully a little cookbook splurge has less potential for disaster!

hey cathy

ah, you never know :-)