30 dozen cookies have left the building

only 10 more to go! *phew*. then i can move on to the breads....


Time's running out! Are you making 10 dozen more? I think you have me beat! The only baking I have left is whatever I decide to make to bring to brunch tomorrow - then I'm done!

maligayang pasko, happy new year of the rooster to a fellow...er crazy cookie maker! i gotta find some wattle seeds now..

hey cathy

if you are done, then you've definitely got me beat. i stayed up late to watch that holiday classic "dr. no" :-) and now i'm totally behind in my baking. eh. i'm not even thinking about christmas day. happy holidays to you!

hey stel

if you can't find any, let me know, i'll send you some. happy holidays!