it only took 10,000

this morning, the visit count for green bananas finally hit the 10,000 mark. i started this blog as something guamanians who are off-island and missing its food to visit and as a local resource for people on island, but the funny thing is, no one on this island ever comes here! at least, not until 8.39 this morning--i finally registered a local ISP. hoorah!

so thank you, random guambat. green bananas salutes you! even if you did leave three seconds later.

update: freaktastically, that 10,000th hit was from my cousin, normal desmond. what are the odds? i mean, besides us.


Hey greenbanana! I'm from Guam! And I visit your site regularly, almost everyday... it makes me hungry :-/ But I digress. I live in Cali, courtesy of the USAF, so I don't have a local IP address. Don't despair! Us guammishes are out here! And we're watching... :-o

hafa adai toni oh! thanks for watching :-D i suppose i shouldn't think this is weird, but i'm positive that 10,000th hit was my cousin. figures--we're all related somehow, aren't we.

oh, yeah, i do know lots of island folk off-island visit this blog, and regularly, and i thank y'all and appreciate you all greatly. it's just funny that no one who actually lives here visits the site. although, i suppose, why should you when you're already here and already eating whatever i'm posting about. hmmm


you should be declared a terratorial (!) treasure of guam. truly. your photos and especially your thoughtful writing make guam and guam culture real for all the rest of the world (because really, there only is on island and off island, no?) -- i adore your blog, and congratulations on hitting the 10,000 mark. truly cause to celebrate!!! by the way, i saw a fish called oriental sweetlips on my last day on guam. no, not a website, a fish. i miss the warm breeze and the coconut-laden trees already. best to you and your lovely island and wonderful, wonderful holidays too.

hi hailyn!

you are so sweet, thanks for your kind words, you crazy mama. i should just be declared (lactose) incompetent and be done with it. oriental sweetlips?! plectorhinchus picus?!! cooool. you'll have to bring the girls over to find more. the happiest holidays to you and yours! ps--how was the dinner party?

Congratulations, Santos! Merry Christmas to you also.

hi jmom! thanks for the lovely sentiments. i hope you and yours are bundled up and warm this holiday and merry christmas to y'all!

Congratulations! Yours was one of the first foodblogs I had ever read. Always looking forward to your inspiring photos and writings. Have a nice holiday celebration...

hi OF--happy holidays to you! i know 10K isn't a lot compared to other blogs, but i'm happy with knowing that there were 10,000 instances when someone would rather visit my blog than say, tortured small insects. ah, success!

whoops, i can't believe i have to correct this typo: torture (actively)