bfmp 1: easing you in.

this is a popular filipino soup known as sinigang, which is boiled veggies and meat in a broth soured with either guavas, tamarind, or camias. if you have a recipe, post it or a link to it below!


santos! it's been a while since i've been by... your sinigang recipe sounds intriguing -- i don't think i've ever heard of souring a sinigang with guava... what's camias?

as you know... here's my recipe... (not as fancy as yours, tho...)

Am still going through the archives and this entry caught my attention because souring sinigang with guavas or santol seems so Kapampangan, or even so Santa Rita-ish. However, if you use a fruit (somewhat sweet) as a souring agent, it's no longer called sinigang but bulanglang - in our town at least. My lola even concocted her own recipe - sigang-bulanglang where she combined camias with a fruit.

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