bfmp 2: name that fruit!

A LOT of people come to this blog because they google this fruit. what is it?


kitchen is closed?? we'll miss you.
This looks like camias. (oooh, sour). May I have some pls? never seen it here in New England, and I need some for my pancit palabok- top with a few slices, just like my Lola did.

they look like bling bling :) sour fruit. for making really good assam dishes.

Star fruit?

i'd guess star fruit, too... but i truly dunno... they do look lovely, however...

Called belimbing in Malay, really sour indeed, used for cooking sour hot chillies dishes. delicious.

This looks like okra to me...

This looks like fresh okra to me...

I think these are relatives of "eba". I'm not really sure how it's spelled, but we used to have a tree that we climbed up on during lunch time like monkeys and eat up there! They're difinetly sour and were used in fish stews.

Iba is nickel sized and yellowish. that green one is biling bing. we just call in pickles, (when we throw it at eachother) =)