i'm usually not physically sick, just--as my mom would put it--"sick in the head". but yeah, i've got some bug, itchy, scratchy throat, and some interesting effluvia. it'll pass. in the meantime, i'm sipping salabat(sahlabáht), ginger tea. occasionally spiked with citrus, but mostly as is: thinly sliced peeled ginger root, brown sugar to taste, boiled in water. i like mine super-spicy, so i use a thumb-sized bit of ginger for every cuppa i make.

a tip (possibly the only thing i've ever learned from martha stewart): an easy way to peel ginger is by using the side of a spoon.

no more slicy fingers and bits.


hey, you just gave me a great idea. i usually have lot of leftover ginger from the tinola i cook for my 2-yr old. i've never known how to make salabat until now.


aaaaagh spooky- you pipped me on my revelation to the world on the use of a teaspoon for ginger and Martha Stewart too, blech. I've heard most of the flavour/good stuff is near the surface of the ginger.

Take care and get better though good to see it hasn't slowed you down on the blog front.

hey purplegirl

thanks for stopping by. i'm going to head to your blog after this :-)

i suppose you could get more bang for your buck by grating the ginger before boiling it or making it in big batches, but i like chewing on the ginger slices when i'm sipping the salabat, and since i'm basically zapping it in the microwave, it doesn't take all that long to make a cup at a time.

hey anthony

it's funny, it's the only thing i've picked up from ms. stewart, but i've never actually seen her follow her own advice (not that i'm watching, mind). and it really does work a treat, doesn't it.

i was a-ok until i decided to be outdoorsy for once, what the bleep? i cad't breathe lying down, so upright and in front of the mac it is.

hey, speaking of being outdoors, should you be?

Hey lady,
I wouldn't suggest you go out to swim when you're sick, but suppose ginger tea is a good idea ;) I like it too, we have the same stuff in Japan.

Take care, don't stay up till late, have a good rest and drink a lot of water (okay, ginger tea, too) and come back in good spirits !

Hi Santos,

Sorry to hear that you're under the weather. Take care of yourself and keep drinking that ginger tea. Have you ever thought of drinking it cold? That's the way that I usually drink it.

hey chika

thanks for the kind words! i don't feel much better, but have been drinking lots of liquids, hopefully i'll shake this off soon.

hey reid

welcome back! i'm sorry you didn't have more time for fun on your trip. i like salabat cold too, but right now my throat's all scritchy-scratchy. hot is more friendly right now :-)

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