i really was going to swim today, but i'b sick. drats.


Hi Santos,

Is that your backyard pool? =)

hey reid

isn't that pool amazing? it's the pool at my condo. i admit, i never really looked at it before, bec. i'm usually in the ocean beyond. usually there are only under-8 year olds in it, but it was free and clear on labour day, dagnabbit.

Can I pretend to be you and live in your apartment for a bit?


My Name Is Fake

hey there

that's so funny. i'm in my place now and the person sitting next to me just said the same thing.

Count me in too. I'm sure noodlegirl would be up for a houseswap some time.


hi pieman

come on over! the nat'l weather service says we'll be in for more typhoons this year, so i could use the help with the shutters :-)