old cookbooks never die....

saw this story about a cookbook shop in nyc. yahoo! considered it headline news, right up there with hurricane frances, the tragedy in russia, and the conflict in darfur. bless.

what's *your* favourite cookbook? do you collect old ones? is there one you would fight tooth-and-nail (or by wwe smackdown, for that matter) to own or keep?


Really enjoy reading your blog Santos, your food always looks so good.
Cookbook I'm most looking forward to owning at the moment is the one Anthony Bourdain is putting out (I think it goes on sale in October). After reading A Cooks Tour and Kitchen Confidential, I'm thinking it's definately gonna be a must have.
What I would fight til the death for? Well they're not exactly cookbooks, but Vouge Entertaining + Travel. I have almost every issue since 1996 (lol, yeah, slightly obsessed) and my family are under strict instructions to mail future copies to me when I go to live in China sometime this month.

P.S My first cookbook was White Heat by Marco Pierre White and I haven't used it once.... lol

hello anonymous one

i love my vogue entertaining + travels too. although i think my collection only goes back to 1999 :-) i think i'm more attached to my food magazine collection than my cookbook collection. are you moving to china for good or for a prolonged period? that's exciting. bon voyage!

hello anonymous two (too?)

i saw that marco pierre white book quite recently for just under a fiver online....i admit, i almost bought it just for the shot of his cheekbones alone! the only thing i know about him is his notoriety, but i imagine his food is gastrofantastical, beyond any culinary level i ever hope to achieve. how's the book?

oh durrrr i just realised anon1+2=one and the same.

sorry. brain in disengage.

(1)Le Cordon Bleu at Home if just for setting me on the road to grown-up cooking.
(2)Yes I do, partly out of kitsch but also to get a sense of Australian food history and why we did so badly for so long.
(3)Purely from a personal point of view, my hard covered notebook of hand-written recipes that I started 14 years ago would be the first thing I'd grab in a fire. Otherwise the original Mrs Beeton's, it may be the answer for (2)

ermm should add: after I've rescued my wife.

I adore Vogue Entertaining & Travel.

even though occasionally some of the recipes takes a bit of chef skills to make, the pictures are simply beautiful and the magazine is good enough to pass off as coffee table books!

My name is Fake

hey there MNiF :-)

so true; after reading your comment, i realised i've probably only attempted a handful of recipes from vogue entertaining--it's the photos and the places they go to i love so much.