beautiful failure

dark chocolate banana cake with white chocolate mascarpone ganache.

i'm not even going to post the recipe, it sucked so hard. i thought it would work, but the added bananas made the cake wet, the unsweet dark chocolate worked with the sweet bananas but not the ganache, which was sweet and creamy, but made me feel fat. maybe the two separately...? blecch. nevermind.


Failure is what makes us human

Speaking of which, I've been having trouble with posting at blogger today, is it just me?

Hey blogger ain't working, what bollocks!

i got a message that it was a system-wide failure, but i swear, it was only your blog and mine affected. i was terrified i'd wake up this a.m. and find a thousand of the same post i tried posting all day yesterday. instead, i wake up to chicken salt. ?? chicken salt?

Hey don't knock chicken salt, double digit comments - Australia's gone mad.

Sorry for the intemperate second post, this was when I realised comments weren't working either. Another friend was having grief with Blogger.