kinda cute, until you realise what it is.


Hi Santos,

Well tell us...what the heck is it?

twinkie "sushi". the link takes you to the recipe. i can taste the dried metallic-y fruit rollup and squishy overly sweet sponge and lard-like filling already. gack.

Hi Santos,

Eeeeek! What are these people thinking?

Please tell me you're kidding. I was thinking how adorable they looked, and then I saw the words in the link. Twinkies?!?!? Unreal.

hey avatar

gwaaaan, click on the link! i felt the exact same way you did--"oh cute, i wonder--heeey, what the--?!"

dominica, who refuses to comment publicly but i shall reply so

hypothesizes that this could possibly be made edible by the removal of the fruit rollup and instead covered in mochi. because it is really cute, and should be given a chance. i think that would work, but i really hate the filling. although i haven't actually eaten the filling since 1989, is it less pork-like these days?

oh my. gack is right!

"gack", in my opinion, would have to be an understatement. My Japanese better half took one look at it - then his face turned bright green as he choked on the words, "Hen desu! Are wa totemo, totemo hen da yo!" (That's weid! That's really, really weird!) I agree with him a hundred percent.

hi midge! :-D ah, i'm glad gack translates to japanese