recipe: turon.

banana lumpia, banana spring rolls, known as turon (tooróhn). you'll find dozens of variations, with all sorts of interesting additives from the traditional strips of langka(láhngkah)--jackfruit--to the radical chef's eclectic addition of cheese.

this is the most basic recipe, as the bananas were exceptional--perfectly ripe, creamy, substantial and sweet. no need for additional sugar or flavouring. you'll need lumpia or spring roll wrappers, saba bananas, a little water, cooking oil. cut the bananas lengthwise in half, place cut-side down somewhere towards the bottom of one wrapper horizontally, fold the vertical ends of the wrapper over the banana half, then the bottom end over it as if it was encased in an open envelope. roll the banana half away from you until completely wrapped, seal the exposed edge with water. heat a generous amount of oil up, deep fry turon until golden.


Hi Santos, a first glance on the title, I thought that's 'turn on'..hehehe..but it really does..another great idea of using over-ripe bananas..Mik

hey mik

ha, i always see "turin" like "the shroud of..."

some people like to add sugar to the banana before rolling it up, or sprinkle sugar on it while it's frying, but if your bananas are sweet enough, it's sort of overkill. try adding some chocolate chips--the chocolate gets all soft and melty, mmm.

Hi Santos,

I normally mash or dice the bananas first and since I don't normally like these to be too sweet, I'll use what we call apple bananas which are a bit tart.

hey reid

we have those here as well. i did notice in hawaii (and at sam choy's) they use the apple bananas, which are quite tasty. my personal preference is for the sabas, as they are starchier, and while they get sweeter, they don't get as sweet as the apple-bs in cooking.

How do you make turon crisp even if it was in room temp for hours?

my, first you make sure the oil is hot enough. do not overcrowd the pan, fry only a few pieces at a time so that each piece fries evenly at a constant temperature. if you want, you can sprinkle sugar directly onto the frying turon to add a crispy caramel coating.

thanks ! i'll try that :)

Try adding roasted sesame seeds to the inside of the banana before cooking -- 1 tsp to 1 tbsp per banana, depending on your taste.

My only difficulty with turon is not having the wrappers puff up while frying -- anybody have suggestions?

wrappers only puff up when there is too much moisture. so if you buy frozen lumpia wrappers thaw it well and pat with paper towel to dry.

Can I use plantain bananas? I can't find saba or apple bananas in my local Bel Air. Or do I need to drive the hour to the asian market?

hi lani! you can use plaintains--very, very ripe ones; it will be of similar texture, but it won't quite taste the same.

Thanks Santos. I actually ended up going to the big asian market and getting the saba bananas. I didn't want to take the chance of having them taste any different than what I'm used to - plus, the plantains I had seen were not ripe at all ... very green actually.
Thanks and wish me luck!