in my shopping basket: kewpie

when i speak of mayonnaise, it's mostly kewpie brand japanese mayonnaise. what makes it different from the american stuff is that it's creamier, slightly sweeter yet slightly tarter, and generally just tastes better to me just because it actually tastes like something. it also comes in this really cool plastic squeeze bottle that has a star-shaped tip, so you've got an instant decoration tool.


hey, I have a bottle of that too (but I should keep that wrapper, it's a bit 'naked' now )and we used to buy those individually packed (in tubes) for our lunch boxes so that we dun have soggy sandwiches. Even though it is already sweeter than the normal mayo, I was told to mix in some condensed milk to make dips (popular in Singapore when serving deep fried stuff) or spread for bread (eg in pork floss bun)..Mik

What's better than mayo from a jar ? Jap Mayo from a squeeze bottle. I mix it with oyster sauce, good for takoyaki, okonomiyaki n deep fried stuff.


hey mik

individual tubes, that's what i need. it takes forever for me to finish off a bottle of mayonnaise.

hey st

"jap mayo"? i think i went to school with him ;-)

kewpie mayo!!! once addicted to tomato sandwiches with kewpie mayo. :)

Mix that with some prepared wasabi and a few toasted black sesame seeds, layer with smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onion, leaf lettuce, and heirloom tomato slices on some really good bread, and you're in heaven.

hey maia

i can totally see that. i would make it with thick slices of really fresh tomatoes and brown bread, mmmmmm.

hey avatar
daaaaang, that sounds both tasty and gorgeous. i can't get heirlooms but there are still some good tomatoes about. oh man. this is next on my list.