salmon sushi

had a little leftover salmon, added some basil leaves, a little japanese mayonnaise, and onion sprouts.

onion sprouts. who knew. i didn't.


G'day Santos,
Are the onion sprouts sold in punnets? They looks great for garnishing..Mik

me neither.

Great looking inside out norimaki.

Just to sabe me going upstairs. Kewpie mayonnaise is great for the fact that all the mayoonaise here is sweeter than jam.

hey mik

yes, they are sold in punnets, and let me tell you, it's a little scary how many sprouts can fit in one. i've been thinking about sprouting seeds at home, the korean market sells an interesting sprouting mix, but i think baby herbs would be great for a dinner party salad or garnish. i can't seem to sustain plants much past sprouting stage anyway, why not eat them before failure sets in?

hey anthony

i'm not a big mayo fan overall. i like the fact that kewpie seems a little more spoil-safe in the plastic squeeze bottle than jars you have to dip into, so i don't feel the need to throw it out after a month or so of non-use. so mayonnaise is basically an eggy oily jam there? bleurgh.

Hi Santos,

Love the uramaki-style hand roll there! Good job! I've never seen onion sprouts here. What do they taste like? We can normally find radish sprouts here though.

hey reid

this was the first time i've seen them as well. they taste exactly like little green onions. when i first tried them, they were really strong, but just for a second, and it was great--no onion breath! i don't know if i had gotten used to it or if the flavour diminished with age, but it seemed mellower later on. i had a salad with the onion sprouts, radish sprouts, basil and cilantro along with some grilled tofu, it was great. but a little does go a long way.

i think i'd like to try to sprout some seeds myself.

Hi Santos! You've done it again...this made me want to go and find some onion sprouts *drool*. never seen them in these parts. Your blog is so tummy titillating. I want to go and tour Guam :) er after typhoon season.

hey stel

typhoon season seems to be from july to um...june these days. i guess you can pick any day in between :-)

thanks for stopping by!