garlic soup with linguiça and parsley

i saw a photo of a soup done by rick stein in the september issue of delicious magazine; i had fully intended on following the recipe, but i lost the issue, and i don't really remember what the creamy stuff was--potatoes? cauliflower? earwax? no matter. my cousin's aunt (other other side of family) has a predilection for cooking using visual clues, which can lead to some, uh, interesting results; lasagna made with enchilada sauce and processed american cheese comes to mind (sorry, tita--you do good soup, though). alarmingly, i seem to be picking up on this trait, but thankfully, i seem to stick to relatively "safe" food items (imagine if the soup had been blue...). so, i decided to wing it.

having said that, i'm not so sure about this one. i'm fairly positive i've got the visuals correct, and i'm close enough with the fried linguiça(portuguese sausage)and parsley that i used instead of the chorizo in the rick stein version. for the soup i settled on a garlic-potato soup made from chicken stock, sautéed onions in butter, a couple of potatoes and a head or so of garlic simmered until the potatoes and garlic go soft, a cup of heavy cream, then whizzied through the blender. a little salt, a little white pepper, and i had something very mellow but tasty. i garnished accordingly, and dug in.


the soup was full bodied, but cooking had tempered the bite of the garlic significantly. on its own, it was great, but with the addition of the linguiça (even milder than the chorizo), it became bland and tasteless. the spicy sausage was drowned in the sea of white, like a blanket of mashed potato. sort of a waste, really.

maybe i should have gone for the spicier chorizo. maybe i should look for the magazine.


Hi Santos,

Yummy looking soup, would be nice to try and make this sometime. I finally was able to get a copy of Delicious magazine here. It was quite expensive (US$9), but there were a lot of great recipes in it (it's the issue with the curry chicken pie on the cover). Hopefully, Borders will continue to carry this wonderful magazine!

Hey cheers people from Australia for buying our stuff. Delicious strikes a great balance between "pocket pissing mahhhhhhvellous" mags and "this'll keep the family happy" mags. It's my fave.

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hey reid

$9! still, i think most issues are worth it. as anthony said, it's a good balance of hoity and hearty.

wait...did you get the uk or the australian edition? there's probably not a huge difference. i usually buy australian cookbooks/cooking magazines because i think a lot of the recipes adapt well to island lifestyle and available produce.


now if only cherry ripes were more readily available....

Remind me never to look at the pics on your blog when I'm hungry. Right now, I would kill (KILL!) for a bowl of that delicious-looking soup.

hey avatar

the soup was okay when i first made it, but i had another cup of it last night, and it definitely improved with a bit of sitting in the fridge. far more flavourful and the linguiça complemented it well this time 'round.

Hi Santos,

The mag I got is the Australia edition. It has the Thai chicken curry pie on the cover. Love the layout and the colors as well.