pink sushi

sunday was my birthday; i am way too old to be celebrating with an all pink theme, but years of barbecues get tiring, you know? i was inspired by clotilde's pink buffet, which looked charming and chic and very do-able, so why not? my mom also wanted to throw a baby shower for my cousin, tinette, who's having a girl, so it all seemed quite fortuitous.

of course, we were totally forgetting several factors: one, we live on an island that's more spam than chic; two, we're filipinos, we gotta have more than a bunch of leek tartlets; three, pink + baby showers = scary; four, aesthetically speaking, i have never been known not to give into excess. it's like a compulsion. my philosophy is if you think it might be too much, then why not? i'm pretty good about controlling food compulsions, but don't ever let me on trading spaces--i might give hildy a run for her money!

i would show you the pictures, but it's not pretty. it's like a bottle of pepto-bismol exploded all over a room and i decided to cover it with pink velvet. and fuchsia rhinestones. then trimmed it in magenta rickrack.

foodwise, everything was pretty controlled colourwise, but portionwise--well, just think luau. think smorgasbord. think super-size!

anyway, i will be posting recipes from the party throughout the week.

just so you get an idea of how far it went--yes, don't adjust your monitors, that sushi is pink:


Pink sushi? LOL! That's a first. How did you get it that color? Very creative.

i just followed clotilde's tip and used beet juice--a little really does go a long way!

i also used pink pickled ginger, and that pink and white steamed fish cake for the futomaki.

Hi Santos - I followed the link from the comment you left me and I love your blog - you write so well! I got a good chuckle from the image of a pepto bismol-explosion garnished with rhinestones, etc. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more. Cathy

(P.S. - happy belated birthday!)

hey there cathy

thanks for stopping by and thanks for the belated birthday wishes! i was actually a little mortified to find out i own enough pink items to do such an irritating display :-) it wasn't irritating enough (to me, anyway) to stop me from liking the colour, but i think i might stay away from pink sushi for awhile....

Hello, Santos

I enjoyed browsing through your recipes and funny blogs. It's more exciting to read and follow than other recipes you find online. I agree with Cathy - you do write so well.. and did I mention you're funny?

hello mavar, ho ho, i'm glad someone finds me funny! thank you for your kind comments. hope to see you again soon!