fairy cakes!

ah, the cakes turned out lurvely, as did the easy-peasy luvvely-jubbly microwave frosting: 1 c. of sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 1 tsp. corn syrup, dash of salt, 2 egg whites. place first four ingredients in microwaveable glass measuring cup, set microwave to high, cook for 5 minutes (it will be boiling). beat egg whites with mixer until soft peaks form, pour hot syrup gradually into egg whites while continuously beating, until frosting becomes all light and fluffilicious.

of course i remembered too late that the egg whites weren't completely cooked in this recipe (the hot sugar mixture should 200ºF on a candy thermometer, but the eggs won't get anywhere near that), so all the preggie women couldn't have the frosted cakes. i left some unfrosted, which were duly ignored by everyone, and balefully looked on by the gestating group.

unfrosted and with teeth marks



Am I seeing things or are the cupcakes green? What flavor are they? Pandan? Lime? They look delish BTW.

pandan. well, coconut-pandan, but really, it's just pandan. they are v. tasty--not too sweet, light but densely crumbed, and just moist enough. the texture is similar to a sponge cake.

the frosting is like an unsticky, uncloying marshmallow. today we were playing with the blowtorch at work (don't ask), and broiled the top of the frosting--a new taste sensation!

If they were pandan-coconut, then double yum! I wish we could buy cake mix like that here. =(

those pillsbury mixes are difficult to find in the philippines as well, but worth seeking out. i'll bet you can find it or something similar in one of the big asian markets in waipahu....the one i'm thinking of specifically is in a shopping center on farrington hwy that also has a golden coin bakery in it, but i forget the name--it just seemed to have *everything*....