i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

almost every santos family party features one thing: buko sorbete, or young coconut sherbet. damian, a family friend, is the boss of this--he's even hand-made the ice cream maker used to freeze it.

it's a very simple process, really:

first, gather all the coconuts around the house. keep dog away from the machete.

hack open coconuts with machete, take out coconut water and shred meat (use both water and meat). zest lime, squeeze out juice to taste. put the lime in the coconut and mix it all together (i say doctor, whoo!--sorry).

add ice and rock salt to ice cream maker. close cover, stir until you can't stir anymore.

the buko-lime mixture will freeze around the canister. scrape down sides as necessary.



Buko...yippee! I love it when they put this in halo halo! =)