lunch at tasuke.

every wednesday at oh, let's say 1.49pm:

me: where to?
julius the cousin: uh.
me: what's open.
julius the cousin: uh.

okay, sometimes it's me doing the uh-ing, but the problem is the same: we get our lunch hour after 1.30 most days and most restaurants on island close at 2. so we're stuck with a rotation of the same old same old.

tasuke japanese restaurant is one of our same olds, but it's a good solid place with a homey atmosphere, and it has the added bonus of being in between a gun club and a sex toy shop, and underneath a strip club. now that's entertainment!

ignore the shot up targets on one side, and neon pink g-strings on the other and head through the red lanterns. once you step inside, you really don't notice the faint bumping sound upstairs (just kidding, no bumping).

it's quite cozy and tidy, with a counter in front of the kitchen area, and 9 or 10 tables comfortably spaced. the menu is simple, one side mostly devoted to ramen, the other on typical izakaya fare.

we shared an order of the hiyayakko or yakko tofu, which is cold silky tofu cubes with grated fresh ginger, bonito flakes, chopped green onions and served with soy sauce:

we both opted for set lunches, which run from $8-$12, but have a variety of items and are quite filling.

julius's meal consisted of half a bowl of ramen, fried rice, and gyoza, pork-filled dumplings. the ramen is made with a flavourful konbu seaweed, bonito and pork broth, a (semi-dried?) noodle imported from japan, with generous portions of sliced pork, bamboo shoots, and green onions added. the gyoza was chewy, with a nicely browned bottom crust, and not greasy.

i got the half bowl of ramen, a california roll, and tuna roll. the only complaint i had is that the tuna was less than fresh. the waters off of guam provide 20,000 tons of sashimi-grade tuna every year, and you can get excellent tuna sashimi from any 7-11 for a couple of bucks, so i was a little disappointed. still, just a minor hiccup in an otherwise satisfying meal.

underneath vikings tavern
671 646 5212



Looks yummy though....

hi again!

i've gone to a japanese place every day this week, and have decided that tasuke is probably my favourite in terms of setting, about third on the list for food. ambience counts for a lot though!

i went to the best place today, but forgot my digital camera! i took some sucky photos with my cell phone, still debating if i should blog about it.

Hi Santos,

You definitely should blog about it. I'm sure the pictures came out OK. =)