coffee at java junction.

okay, i admit it. i came in because of the tamara de lempicka-esque woman gazing dolefully at me in the parking lot. "oh, mmm." she seems to be saying. "could you come in here and fix my shoulder strap? i don't seem to have any arms." hon, you seem to be doing a good job of vogue-ing without them!

java junction is the latest coffeehouse at the agaña shopping center, and one of the most stylish ones on island. painted in deep jewel tones, and furnished with low, cushy, comfortable wicker furniture, it seems like a perfect place to wile away your time. it's quiet in here--the music is low, the parking lot buffers the sounds of the traffic, the friendly staff's banter doesn't seem to get much past murmur-level most times. i'd like to linger, but the clubby, evening vibe isn't conducive to a quick cuppa--i might be here all day. in fact, i can imagine myself sitting here at night with my friends, enjoying the easy vibe, maybe partaking in the "free wireless internet with coffee purchase" being offered this summer, hanging out on one of the two patios outside, after a meal at one of the many nearby restaurants. the only problem is...IT CLOSES AT 7pm!!!!

frizzlefragglefrickinfrack. okaaay. i'll just have a thai latte (espresso, milk, shot of condensed milk) to go. i'll skip the lovely looking pastries, sandwiches, and salads for another time.

java junction
agaña shopping center, next to tony roma's.
671 472 8880


Hi Santos,

Is this like a Guamanian Starbucks?

hi reid!

no, there's a guam-ish starbuck-esque at one of the hotels; it's not actually a starbucks but they serve starbucks. ?? i think the hotel has the rights to serve and brew the brand but it's not a franchise. it's actually very nice, there's a mini glass bamboo forest surrounding it....

coffee isn't the drink of choice on island, so there aren't any major coffee chains here, just local shops like this one. i think a lawyer who works nearby owns this one. her own personal lounging space!

What a nice lounging space then huh? Must be nice! =)

You get what u pay for doesn't apply here. Coffee is not that great. I'd go here just for the free wi-fi. That's my reason why I would go here for coffee. I wished they had a Starbucks on Guam, then at least they would know what coffee supposed to taste like.

hey vandal, ah that's too bad about the coffee. i haven't been here since this post four years ago.