classic island breakfast

you would think that on an island the classic breakfast would be something like half a papaya and a grilled fish, but no, it's a fried mountain of rice, egg, and meat--in this case, portuguese sausage. julius the cousin pointed out, however, the photo shows a kid's size portion for here; normally in a diner, you'd get 2 to 3 cups of rice, a couple of eggs, and like, a quarter pound of sausage.

i don't normally cook or eat this, but blogging about food makes you do foolish things. i just wanted something that some homesick guamanian could look at and remember fondly: "look honey, remember when my arteries were clogged?"


Looks great. Will chorizo do the trick? And what are the bits in the rice?

oh heck yeah! actually, chorizo is the more common choice here on guam; portuguese sausage, i think, is more popular in hawaii. the spicier the better.

i included a link to the guamish fried rice recipe, which is what i used for this meal. but any leftover fried rice (or fried rice made with leftovers) will do.

oops right you are on the link. I need to engage my brain at times. Will give it a try, if you could add a pan au chocolat to it, it's be my perfect breakfast sythesis.


Looks good! I don't always like to eat Portuguese sausage because of the fat content. Who am I kidding? If I didn't eat fat, I wouldn't love coco puffs that were loaded with butter right? I do like them spicy though. I recently had a Gouveia one and it was really good. Before that, the last time I ate Portuguese sausage was back in 2001. LOL!

anthony--i'd told reid earlier i'd make spanish rolls one day;
typically, these are eaten with the 'native' chocolate drink, which is similar to mexican hot chocolate.

the recipe for the rolls usually calls for lashings of butter and brown sugar before baking--maybe a wafer of dark or milk chocolate instead? hm. i'll have to experiment.

reid--can't get gouveia here :-( i just buy whatever hawaii brand i can get--every store seems to sell a different brand! actually, i did cook this for breakfast, but couldn't face eating it first thing, so i ended up eating it for another meal....why is pastry fat so much more palatable than porky fat in the morning (speaking for myself, of course)?


Pastry fat is so much more pleasing to the senses in the morning because it's usually paired with something sweet (sugar) which give you a rush to start the day!

Hafa Adai!

Do you know where I can get portuguese sausage here in the Mainland? Or even the maker? I am craving it and the only place I used to eat it was at the Guam restaurant Island Roots which is now closed :( Any help will be great - I am so homesick here in AZ.


hi christine, have you tried your local asian market? i haven't been to arizona in a long time, so i don't really know what's at the markets. you can always try one of the online mail order places for hawaiian goods like da hawaiian store or 1st luau. i have used any of them before, so i can't vouch for anything. good luck!