recipe: guamish fried rice

this is absolutely the last reference to the pink party....

leftovers from party: chicken, ham, a carrot, and garlic chives. white rice no one eats. straighten up (the fridge) and fry, right?

(this is really for the kiddy-os on island going off to the mainland for college. before you head off to school, practice this at home!)

this recipe is best done with cold rice. gather up anything you want to put into the rice. don't go overboard though, save that can of spam if you've got something that's gonna die in the fridge soon. look for a balance--something green, something veggie, something meaty. cut up or shred items into smaller than bite-sized pieces; in this case we have shredded chicken, chopped up ham, chopped carrot, and garlic chives. keep a couple of eggs on standby. take the rice out, put in bowl. drizzle some toasted sesame oil, mongolian fire oil or hot chili oil (not too much--you only want to loosen the rice, not drench it) in to separate the grains if it's sticky or to lubricate them if they're dry.

take out biggest pan you've got--a wok is best. you'll want to get your pan very hot. heat a small amount of cooking oil , then add the carrots, chicken and ham until heated through. add rice, and fold through. push everything to the sides of the wok, and create a little hole in the middle. crack the eggs in and stir to 'scramble' and separate them as they cook, then fold into rice mixture. if that sounds a little dubious to you, cook the scrambled eggs in another pan then add to the rice. season with salt, white pepper. mix in the greeny bits, shake a little more of that crazy mongolian fire oil for more spicyness.

eat as is or use as base for a guam-style breakfast.