a little more on macopa.

remember the macopa/wax jambu i wrote of in a previous post? i passed by a macopa tree a bit back, and thought you might like to see what the fruit look like in the wild. or behind a chinese restaurant in tumon. ha!

macopa flower

the flower of the Syzygium samarangense.

macopa buds

it takes about two months for the fruit to go from bud stage to ripened fruit, although

macopa fruit (immature)

it seems to stay at this stage for a very, very long time.


the ones on island aren't as big and juicy as this, but are a pretty shade of cherry pink.

termite nest

termites love the trees, so look out for nests. not that you could miss this one.


That fruit is sooo good. It is sweet and full of juice. I love it when they are in season and the market gets them in.