back to bizu-ness.

bizu macarons

i went back to bizu, and picked up more of their lovely macarons. this season's specials: orange passion, with passionfruit and orange zest cream, and caramel passion, a lovely duotoned number of one chocolate macaron nestled up against a cocoa-speckled caramel one, sandwiching a caramel cream. mmmmm.

i may have left the states to avoid a day of overwhelming overeating and conspicuous consumption, but did i escape it? oh ho, oh no. you can never run away from such things, my bloggy friend, never.

bizu xmas bizu cakes

i don't know what the holiday decorated cakes are, but they were quite festive. the others: samba--milk and dark chocolate mousse layered between chocolate cake, tiramisu--coffee liqueur layered between chocolate cake and mascarpone cheese, chocolat saint honoré--a pyramid of baby cream puffs filled with chocolate cream and dipped in dark chocolate.

bizu stack

fresh mango chiboust (french cheesecake), nirvana--chocolate caramel mousse with pistachio cream on choco biscuit thingy, and sophia--a sugarless chocolate/coffee/vanilla sponge/mascarpone confection.

bizu caramel saint honore

if there could be a star, it might've been this: caramel saint honoré--cream puffs filled with pastry cream, dipped in caramel, on a bed of dark chocolate truffle cake.

did i consume all of these? no. did i consume more? maybe. am i hanging my head in shame? are you kidding?! just running around a track, just running.


Crap! Everything looks so good I am gaining weight just looking at the pictures! Gorgeous photographs as usual Santos! :)

Are you still running? :)
Some of the bloggers in Manila have also posted uberdroolicious pictures of the best chocolate cakes and best desserts in the city. One reason why I stay.

hi milgwimper! the photos wouldn't be gorgeous without a gorgeous subject :)

hi mila--always :) straight back to manila....

Wow! Everything looks so delicious. Thank you for sharing.

hi sweet landa! thanks for coming by. have a great weekend!

I'm so glad one can't gain weight by staring at your food pics. Then again there's a Bizu somewhere near this internet cafe so I may be welcoming a couple of new pounds tonight.

Lovely pics, as always!

ohh, more macarons! I don't know if I told you, I finally did find plain macarons (almond, no filling) at Balducci's, but still haven't had any of those lovely flavored ones. Bob is supposed to be on the lookout in NY (hmmm I'll be there next weekend, wonder if he's remembered?). Anyway, these both sound delicious - did you try them?

hi cathy! i rather liked the orange passion one, but the caramel left me a little flat. it definitely tasted of caramel and chocolate, but after the zesty little orange number, it seemed a little boring.

i hope bob remembers, and that he finds some macarons for you!

(actually, i'm just finding it really weird that macarons are so much more accessible in manila than nyc....)

I was at Bizu last night (had my late breakfast - eggs benedict) then thought of your recent blog, so I had myself a plate of three - the chocolate, vanilla, and rose. The colors were lovely, my favorite was the chocolate (ok I'm a chocoholic), but the rose was also very good. Couldn't see the St. Honore though.

hi mila! eggs benedict *and* macarons? now that's what i call breakfast!