bizu patisserie, pt.2: conspicuous consumption .


i need to take you here. yes, you. even though i hate your politics, your distaste for dry cleaning, and your weird thing about latex paint. i need to take you here, even though the waiters wear purple jeans with green stitching, and yellow oxford shirts that match the decor. i need to take you here because it reminds me of los angeles in the eighties. hong kong in the nineties. paris. the casino, not the city. yeah, okay. the city. un peu.

bizu case

take your time, let me explain: mango chiboust, that's a light french cheesecake; strawberry chiboust with strawberries from baguio, a mountain city--they also have ones with u.s. strawberries; blueberry chiboust; minuet: valrhona milk chocolate mousse infused with peppermint, in between chocolate cake layers on a hazelnut base; limone: calamansi lemon mousse with a strawberry-raspberry coulis center; and uh...i think the thing with the white ball is the baba: chocolate, hazelnut mousse, caramel cream.


you pick pink. pink. the babylon: raspberry mousse layered with almond-infused sponge cake, and a crème brûlée surprise. the surprise being i can't figure out what crème brûlée has to do with this.

bizu limone

i pick the limone. its violent green clashing with the neon cherry appeals to me. it's strong. the calamansi mousse is almost overbearing, but surprisingly the strawberry-raspberry coulis in its bloody, bloody heart tempers it, despite its own boldness. brash.

bizu chocolate

we're not done yet. i see you eyeing the chocolate case, bon-bons with names like the cast of "brideshead revisited meets the house of flying daggers"--sebastian (milk chocolate ganache with orange cointreau), isabeau (dark chocolate ganache with cocoa and coffee powder), charlotte (champagne truffles). ai ling, and her sister mei ling, the dark/white chocolate twins infused with green tea. we'll take ching ling, their sugarless dark chocolate infused with ginger, cardmom, vanilla pods and cinnamon. that's right, they're sugarless, and they're spectacular.

we'll discuss the dryer lint thing later.

bizu mendiant

bizu patisserie
greenbelt 2, makati

the promenade, greenhills

(and various other locations)


Darn, I was hoping you tried one of each of these as well!!

hi cathy! you'll just have to come with me and help me out.

yellow and purple striped walls! so wrong, but i love it... (are those armchairs yellow and purple as well?)

and oh, the macarons in your earlier post? beautiful. like an edible rainbow. (i have this thing about lining up all sorts of random objects in the roy g. biv colour spectrum).

You romance the place so well!

Haha! Great post! I like Bizu and their little can-can girl cakes (their 10-hour roast beef isn't bad either) :-)

This place always reminds me of the inside of some brazen French courtier's hat box...very Montmartre-Minx-Boudoir...your description was perfect :-)

Great post ! Wow, these pastries look so good.

Santos. When you mentioned purple jeans I instantly had flashbacks to the 90s when I used to spend my school holidays in Hong Kong! haha Crazy times with crazy decor. I am loving all your Manila posts!

The first time I went to Bizu, I almost felt suffocated by the colours but immediately felt at ease when I saw the cakes.

Wonderful write-up as always! Fantastic pics too. But I shouldn't expect less, 'no?

hi shukumei--those are indeed yellow and purple chairs.

hi toni--i have to admit, for being a chain, they do what they do well.

hi joey! i haven't actually had their food food yet--next time!

hi bex! when i saw the purple jeans, the first thing to come to mind was hong kong too :D

hi karen! i actually quite like the interior, something about it being so...bombastic :D

C'est très jolie!