raspberry custard tarts

raspberry custard tarts

brightness in every bite: a very simple pie crust dough, with custard and fresh raspberries. any ripe berry will work, and if they are too tart, a little shoogyshake of confectioner's sugar on top will do ya!


Hi Santos! Those look beautiful! And your new blog look isn't too shabby either... ;)

hello melissa! they were so simple to make, and so easy to inhale, it's amazing that they actually got photographed. thanks for the thumbs up, but i'm still not quite sure. do you think the little ringydings in the background look like coffee cup or tea mug stains? they sort of remind of ringworm....

I am thinking that weighing scale might look pretty good in my kitchen. Probably would bake more too.
Santos, I think you'll know which background you like. I like this background too, but if you're not sure...It's almost like deciding on your love partner, your head should yell, "yessss!!".

hi OF! oh yes, i highly recommend getting a pink scale. or pistachio green. i wish it would bake for me, though.

oh no, OF, me choosing love partners is a dicey proposition. my head usually yells "yessssss!! wait. did he just get out of prison/rehab/the touring production of 'cats'?!" the background i liked the best was manic scribblies that were very distracting and slightly disturbing. must. steer. clear.


Santos, your blog is supercalifragilisticexpialidoceous! (Sorry, just watched Mary Poppins last night... so surreal...)

Is that a hot pink scale? It's wonderful! It co-ordinates so well with the raspberry tarts.

- shukumei

Very yummy looking.. Santos.. :)

Oh! Yum! Raspberries not good around here - yet! How would you feel about a little rhubarb compoe on top of that one? Hmm... Must try!;-)

This is why I love your blog! While I've never been much of a pie crust fan, there's something about single serving tarts and things that win me over every time... there is a vegan, glutan-free bakery in Seattle that does a fabulous job - the flying apron - with their mini pies. They were the first wee pies to win me over, actually, and now I'm a convert. The combo of custard and berries looks and sounds especially delicious... well done, as always.

Hi Santos! I like the look of your new blog, ringworm or no ringworm.... I need to spruce mine up a bit, help!

Those tarts look delectable, will try it with zara maria's suggestion of rhubarb as that's what I have in my fridge at the mo. Yum, my hubby is so spoiled....

that's so funny - i couldn't see any rings at all, so before making a hasty appointment with the optometrist i decided to recalibrate my monitor - and wow! i never knew the internet was so colorful. the rings are fantastic. i think they resemble water marks on ancient paper. very atmospheric.

hello chika! hello shukumei! i will take a better photo of the scale soon. it really is cute.

hi mrs. t! very easy to make too.

oh zarah, lucky girl with rhubarb to spare--this will definitely be a good match.

hi shannon--the flying apron sounds great, i'd love to try their mini-pies some time.

hi vivilicious! i'm still playing around with everything, but hopefully it will all fall into place.

lucky hubby indeed!

hi melissa--omg, i can't even imagine what you were looking at before you recalibrated your monitor, is everything much brighter and more vivid?

Santos: The cosmetic changes elicited a resounding "WOW" from a a viewer/fan in Brooklyn--I guess it should be a "WEW".

how i love those anon brooklyn fans! thank you, you rawk!

Woah. What the hell happended? I miss the sea foam green! Aw hell, I'll get used to it *pout*

Looks good as always.

hi molly! no worries, the green may return. just needed a break. everything was beginning to look...mossy.

Is there a complete recipe posted somewhere. Do you just press the pie dough into mini muffin pans and bake? Won't the dough puff up.

Is there a complete recipe posted somewhere. Do you just press the pie dough into mini muffin pans and bake? Won't the dough puff up.

MAR1 the recipe for the pie crust is at the bottom of the first link mentioned in the post. i cut a circle out of the dough with a cookie cutter, pressed it into a mini-muffin tin, then scored the dough with a fork to minimize puffiness/shrinkage whilst baking.