more fun with raspberries and custard

raspberry ice cream 2

something to do with any leftovers you may have if you made the tarts in the previous post: freeze the custard until half frozen, then run it through a blender or food processor until the frozen chunks have broken down. return to the freezer, and repeat the process several times until it reaches a thicker-than-smoothie consistency, then fold the smooshed up fruit into the frozen custard, and hey ho, let's go, it's raspberry ice cream! i had mine with tiny sago tapioca pearls in cream, and mochi flavoured with matcha green tea powder (the recipe can be found here). chewy, creamy, fruity, tea-y--wheeee.


mmm that looks yummy!

Hey santos,

I just realised that you've added me on the list of asian women bloggers. Thanks! That was nice of you...

I've been a furtive (and passive) fan of your blog for quite a while now and only decided to take the plunge recently..

So thanks for the nice welcome!

hi suze--it was scary yummy, i couldn't stop eating it until it was gone!

hi ling! omg, when i look in the comments section all i see is kermit the frog freaking out by your name, that is AWESOME. glad to add you to the list! i keep forgetting to email people to tell them that i've added them, so i'm glad you've found out!

hi ms. santos!
you made it sound so easy, but the looks is definitely screaming for it's yummy-ness, hahaha. for a 'gifted' person like you, i'm soo jealous. keep 'em coming and have a wonderful day.

hi ms. talhey! how are you? this definitely was easy, but time consuming. but you can make all three components at the same time :-) have a great day too!

This clinches it. I'm moving to Guam, I'm going to beg, wheedle and bribe my way into your good graces (or at least into your tasting circle) so that I can partake of the delicious items you concoct.

Are you, by any chance, hiring for a food taster? Because HELLOO! I'll do it. *squares my shoulders and tries to look noble* It's a sacrifice, I'm sure, but I'm willing to take one for the team.

hi lorelei!i have a fantasy of being able to just mail my food away so i don't have to see it anymore or finish it, but i don't waste it. need to think of a way, need to think of a way....

hey santos
it lookssss so yummy. I would love to swim inside that big bowl of colourful frozen custard!

hi pinkcocoa! ooh. kinky. ;-)


hi mrs.t! i thought you might like this :-)