cool and simple.

Iced coffee with coffee shave ice, coffee ice cream, and coffee jelly

sometimes it isn't necessary to find a balance of flavours nor nuances nor complements. sometimes all you need is to beat the heat and get some caffeine in you. for this i recommend a scoop of coffee ice cream in a glass, topped with shaved ice, drowned in iced coffee (with or without milk) and then crowned with a heaping pile of coffee jelly. you know you want it.


Indeed I do! It's like an affogato made better with the addition of jelly!

obsessed with the jelly at the moment :)

Wow!! Never seen coffee jelly before but this looks incredible. Love all of the textures and wish we could get something like that over on this side of the world!

hello miss hazel! there are quite a few "bubble tea" shops in london where jellies like there are common add-ins to their drinks. hopefully one of them has coffee jelly :)

Ooh, looks lovely!

miss traylor, it is! i hope you try it

Hey you're alive! And well I hope? Noce to have a new post Santos.

Three kinds of coffee in one drink = autoreblog! :-)


Hey Kirk! Yes, very much alive but sooooo lazy :)

Tamagosan, hello! I should've added some espresso crystals. Maybe o_O

Ha, and shaved beans and a spritz of coffee concentrate... :-)

i'm jittery just thinking about it :D