browned butter popcorn

brown butter and lemon popcorn

happy new year! how was yours? you guys, you have to try this sometime: brown some butter in a saucepan until nutty, add a handful of chopped (lemon) thyme, parsley and a squeeze of lemon, then drizzle it in some freshly popped popcorn. zomg, peeps, so good. so ono. probably not particularly healthy but it was time you broke that resolution this year anyway, right?

you can get the recipe right here. see you soon.


Happy New Year Santos! I see you're starting it the right way.

Hi Kirk! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.happy new year to you, your wife and the boys!

you should try something really addictive. Pop some popcorn then scoop some ice-cream over the warm kernals.....then drizzle with caramel or choc sauce. yummmm

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