coconut, sashimi-style.

it's coconut harvesting time in the homestead again, so expect a few coconut-based recipes here. although, i have to say, i prefer coconut mostly unadorned, and as fresh as possible--adding ice to cool coconut water and scraping meat straight from the nut is as much as work as i usually do, and is pretty much all that is necessary. however, it doesn't make for much of a post.

coconut, sashimi-style

something so simple and something so lovely and unusual is to serve the coconut sashimi-style, cut into bite-sized strips, accompanied with a sushi-grade soy sauce and wasabi. the condiments transform the flavour of the meat into something akin to ika, or raw squid. no, it's not fishy, but it seems more savoury, milky, and slightly sweet. it makes a good palate cleanser if you are serving several types of sashimi, or a nice alternative for a vegan or non-fish eating member of your party.

top tip: use the youngest coconut you can find. the sweeter and softer the flesh, the better!


wow! i always do this with avocado, but never thought to eat coconut sashimi style... will try soon!

I never thought of having coconut like that. I love coconut and I'm sure it would be great with the saltiness of the soy sauce.

Interesting! I can't wait to try this.

hi ila, joy, and drea! nice to see you here. the key is to use sushi/sashimi grade soy sauce--something thick, salty, but not harsh. kikkoman and yamasa make good, relatively inexpensive ones.

that's a great idea and pretty too. ila's avocado sashimi sounds yummy too.

(but, and there's always one, how can you possibly resist scraping the flesh off the coconut while sipping the water out?!? it's as automatic as spooning up fizzy ice cream as you suck up the root beer in a float...)

akatsukira-ra-ra-ra, i had 15 coconuts. after the third one, i was sort of over it.

This really is a beautiful bite. Those dudes who sell coconuts to tourists at Ft. Apugan charge like five bucks for the whole experience...

$5!!! man, i gotta find a corner of tumon to set up shop. do you get a free carabao ride with that?

Interesting idea… This looks delicious. Tanks for this great post.

Love coconut. The water I like well chilled- no ice please. I never though to eat it the way you described. I will have to try that. Roasted coconut makes a lovely chutney.

It's so difficult finding young coconut here in NYC. I think there's one store in the Lower East Side that sells it, and then only in the summer.

And now, on seeing your post, I have a craving for it.

hi sorina, thanks for stopping by!

wizzy, roasted coconut chutney is lovely. do you have a recipe you can share?

stash! did you see this NYT article? the writing is gag-worthy, but it mentions a few places that sell young coconut in the city.

This is a wonderful japanese-style presentation. I wish I lived in a country where I could eat fresh coconut every day!

This looks fabulous. I have noticed the availability of young coconuts recently and didn't know how to make the best of them. Thanks for the inspiration!

H :)