fat tuesday.

momofuku crack pie

this is why tuesday's fat. momofuku's crack pie. half a pound of butter, half a pound of sugar, not to mention eggs yolks and heavy cream. the recipe would like you to dust the top with more sugar, but that's not gilding the lily, that's...aahh, uh. i don't know i'm falling into a sugar coma neerggh

momofuku crack pie


that's a scary pie. my heart clogs for you...

clogging? like this?

Beautiful! Hey if I read the recipe right it has oatmeal in it. Fiber is good:)

oh yeah, healthy :P the oats can slide down the river of butter flowing through my veins

Holy butter dish! :D

haha, i am down with this crack pie.

Hi Santos! How have you been!
Is this crack pie like "kuingerman" that they have in Bretagne, France?

hey susan, yeah, this stuff is sort of lethal but you gotta try it!

hey minitotoro! nice to see you here again. unfortunately, this isn't like the bretagne cake. this one has relatively little flour and is oozy and gooey--like a pecan pie without the pecans. i believe the other one (see how i'm avoiding actually spelling the name of the french cake? :P) is more like a super-decadent croissant with flaky pastry leaves, not just butter and sugar. i'd like to try making the bretagne cake soon, though!

I bet I spelt it wrong as well, haha...apparently not every shop in Bretagne makes it as good..I didn't try any the last time I was there but I'll certainly try the next time I go..I'd like to see how yours turn out=)

Yummy! It looks like a Portuguese dessert, toucinho do ceu:

http://sentirogosto.blogspot.com/2008/07/toucinho-do-cu.html (but it has almonds instead of oats).

99% of all Portuguese desserts are basically just sugar and eggs but it is amazing how different textures they manage to get from only that.

i just went to momofuku while in manhattan earlier this week and had all sorts of their addicting concoctions...including the compost cookie and cereal milk soft serve!! pleasant surprise to see you do the crack pie :)