saturday market finds at salcedo.

salcedo market

the saturday market at salcedo is one of the nicest markets i've attended; it's not just that there is a nice array of produce and handicrafts available, nor is it just that there is a staggering assortment of prepared foods, but it's also in really lovely park with shady trees filled with fairy lights and plexi-shapes that dance in the wind. it doesn't matter how warm it is or if it's raining, the trees and canopies shelter the shoppers and the lively and easygoing atmosphere keep you from caring anyway.

salcedo jackfruit
giant jackfruit

salcedo mangosteen
mounds of mangosteens

salcedo lychee
lovely lychees

salcedo birdsofparadise
beautiful birds of paradise

salcedo peanuts
piles of peanuts

salcedo veggies
squash blossoms, okra, and cilantro for home

salcedo booty
bounty of fruit for immediate and ecstatic consumption

salcedo straw pigs
these little piggies went to market


love those piggies

I just got back from a 3-week vacation. Spent 2 Saturdays at Salcedo Village farmer's market and indulged on a variety of tropical fruits. In that market was the biggest avocado I have ever laid my eyes on.

I have never seen such vibrant colours in any food blog. They are amazing, especially the mangosteen and Birds of Paradise picture.

i love your salcedo finds; so tropical! puts me in the mood for summer.

it's baking hot here, but without rambutans, mangosteens and lychees, it's not a real summer.

Your blog is beautiful! I love looking at the pictures. I know this is a little strange, but may I ask what kind of camera you use? I'm no photographer and could never get as neat a shot as you capture, but your pictures have great color...maybe I could achieve that! :) I'll check back for your reply! Thanks!

hi amanda, me too.

brownedgnat, did you buy the avocado?

blog master, i love the lychee shot myself. such gorgeous reds!

akatsukira, summer means monsoon season, which i can handle in manila, but it just depresses me on the island. i could use some sunshine.

hi jillian! i use lumix (panasonic) cameras. i believe all of the photos here were taken with an LX-2, which was their top of the line point and shoot until the LX-3 came out. you don't need to buy the top one, just look for a model with a leica lens, which i really think makes a big difference in the quality of images, no matter what the pixel count. the good thing is that even though you are getting a real leica lens, you are paying $$$ less than an actual leica.

I love those pictures. I want to go PI :( Time to start saving money! :)

I stole a pic and put a link to your blog from mine.

I like your blog! I was in Guam once it the early 1980's

great to blog hop again.. i always adore your photos. i love those little piglets... and btw am back in europe again.

penguin, yes! you don't need much when you get there :)

markD60, thanks for letting me know, come back to guam for a visit!

sha! so lovely to see you here again. are you in france now? your photos are gorgeous!

What gorgeous, gorgeous market finds!
I'm very envious... all the more so because we're just coming out of a chilly winter here!

I can tell from your picture that the piggies were made well, so creative & cute :) The bayongs are very nice, environment friendly and reasonably priced. Miss those days when almost everyone used to take a bayong to the market, not much plastic bags then. Can't wait to visit Manila again. Looking forward to visiting Salcedo Market. Thanks for sharing.

OMG jackfruit, mangosteens and lychee - you could well be in Malaysia!!

these pictures are amazing, love your blog!

Wow! Great pics