golden bounty

ripe mangoes 1

it's the first time that the decade(s?) old mango tree has given out a worthy crop--pure gold, really, it has earned its keep as the giving tree. we still don't know exactly what variety it is, but i can say that the fruit are very large (some are more than a pound each), fibrous, but very, very sweet and juicy. i'm not sure i care, really. and i was thinking of posting some recipes, but for now we are just eating them out of hand, sometimes straight off the tree--warm and fragrant, juices dripping down our forearms, sticky and sweet.



Lovely! They grow in little groups like giant cherries!

Do they ripen on the tree? Or are they like avocados that don't ripen until picked?

hey cybele, how are you? i've been letting them ripen on the tree, mainly because there are so many that are ready to drop, and also a vast majority of them are too high up for me to pick. grrr! i've picked a few that weren't quite ready, but they've ripened quite well, especially when stored together with some of the ripened fruit.

Wow, those mangos are just lovely, and I bet just as lovely to eat.

I haven't visited in a while and the very day I come, you have mangoes first up! I'm so jealous :)

Oh, beautiful, the taste of summer. I love mangoes just fresh but they make a beautiful salad with a little coriander (cilantro?) and red chilli and lime juice.

Hey Santos - One of the things I miss about Hawaii.....the mangoes here on the mainland just don't measure up.

What a beautiful harvest! I wish I had such a tree in an orchard. But I live in Europe... ;)

hello k,

mangoes straight off the tree - how good is that! i should have seen mango trees in while in hawaii, but never did... i just didn't recognize them. we did have some papaya trees back of the house once, but i'm more for mango than papaya if you ask me... yours are really gorgeous.