what's in your freezer?

what's in my freezer

mine's a little full at the moment.


Ahhh- that looks too yummy!

it's a little crazy in there.

nothing as fancy as your treasure trove. i salivate in envy...

That stuff would mean hours of walks and gym torture for me. But mine's no better - it's jammed with pork and beef and chicken and of course, BACON!

hallo akatsukira, but yours is homemade! trumps cheap volume every time.

hi lou! weirdly a freezer packed with ice cream keeps me in check. i've only eaten 2 or three of the treats, and all the fat-free dairy-free itzakadoozies. of course, so not sugar-free :P

I wish I had a bigger freezer so I could do this!!!

wow is that really your freezer? I'm jealous!

You are so bad! I am dying to have some of it!