CLOSED 30 april 2009

firefly table

after 11 years, chef veronica calvo-perez will be closing firefly bistro in agaña at the end of the month. i'll be sad to see it go; it is a comfortable, cozy space and the quality of food and service is consistently top notched. however, times change, so chef ronnie will be concentrating on her excellent bakery, cup and saucer, which will see an expanded menu soon, including some of the crepe rolls and salads from firefly. however, this may be the last week you'll be able to order any of the soon-to-be-missed entrees including the roast chicken, soft shell crab, pastas and burgers, so get thee to agaña soon!

firefly bistro,
next to cup and saucer.


This makes me VERY sad to hear. Firefly was one of our favorites, we went there at least once a week while I was pregnant. Do you know why she is closing it down? Any chance of her opening a new restaurant.

hi carla! how are you and the family? i'm not sure why she's closing down, or if she's going to open another restaurant. cup and saucer will be expanded, though, so that they'll have some of the crepes and salads over there. firefly can be hired out for private parties and functions, too. no help to me :( but we'll see what happens next!

Ooh, food! Love the pictures.

hey acornbud, i love all your japan posts. i need to go to the ghibli museum!

Sorry to hear this place is closing! I've never eaten there but have heard good things!

I've been hooked on the Awareness shakes that I discovered at Synergy since February, so I only eat out a couple times a month now so that I can stay on track with my weight loss/body building nutrition program. Thanks for posting the great photos though, they make my mouth water and are calorie free! :-)