fresh start.


mornings see a wodge of mint leaves in a bistro glass, bathed in hot water and sometimes sweetened with cane sugar or agave syrup, when the mood strikes.

i'm lacking focus at the moment, in more ways than one. i aim to change that.


I think you can get one of them for under $10 grand...

hey akatsukira!

This glass of mint infusion is lovely, and must be tasty too. I love that!

[blows one rightbackatya] now for the serious comment... i love fresh mint tea with a hunk of overly sweet, cloying baklava, persian style.

botacook, easy to make, easy to take. try it sometime!

akatsukira, can't take the glib back now, honey. where's my baklava!

Hey, the salad in the first photo looks great!