i went to the ferry building marketplace

i went to the ferry building because it seems like if you have a food blog and are visiting san francisco, it's the thing to do. i had a lovely conversation about lard with a nice man named neil

we have lard

and i had a very tasty pistachio macaron from miette.

miette pistachio macaron

but the best thing was that it was such a lovely day that i couldn't stay inside. i ended up walking down the pier and saw a flock of tourists, a flock of pelicans, and a sea lion catching his lunch.

sea lion lunch

ferry building marketplace
one ferry building
san francisco ca 94111


did you get amazing bread at Acme, or creamy delicious cowgirl creamery cheese? How about the mushroom place - did you think it was cool?

there's so much more to the ferry building than lard & macarons. I hope you enjoyed it all.

esp. Delica RF-1 & Boccalone... maybe it's just more fun if you get to do your marketing there, but, it truly is a magical place.

no, yes, i realize that, and sea lions and pelicans=magical and fun to me

WOW! You're back. :) How long ago were you in SF?

I love the Ferry Building and visit every time I am in SF. For me, the main draw is Rechiutti. I love the chocolates there! But I guess you can always get chocolates at Coco Bella or at Christopher Elbow. :)

Welcome to SF! Looks like you are having a lot of fun. :)

hi reid (laughing) um, a really, really long time ago? summer? i know i'm slow. and i have 2000 photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of which, you will see, maybe a dozen. glad you're back too! have you been to SF this year yet?

hi juliet, i had a *great* time in SF. unfortunately, very little food blogworthy. i had a great meal with fantastic company at beretta's. no photos, though :( whoever was the bartender that night deserves special commendation, i'll tell you that....