impromptu visit.

white mums

when will this monsoon season ever end? i was about to go mad with the sound of horrid rain, day in, day out...so i hopped on a plane, bound for manila, just for the weekend. even though it was overcast there really wasn't any rain to speak of (stupid or otherwise), but there was a nice cooling breeze. perfect for a stroll through saturday's salcedo market, again. just some scenes from the village:

katuray at bagbagkong
katuray and bagbagkong, edible flowers

salcedo fruits
caimito (star apple), lanzones, chico, sampalok (tamarind), and bananas

cotton candy vendor
cotton candy floss vendor

dirty ice cream
"dirty" ice cream

barbecued pusit (squid), hito (catfish) and bangus (milkfish), pork

roasting chestnuts

pepi cubano
guess we know what fidel's up to these days.



hello there tsogb,
been reading you blog on and off for over a year now. interesting posts.
just like to comment on todays post i think bagbagkong are small white flowers that come in clusters and very good in tinola while in the picture you have as bagbagkong are what ilocanos call baeg or alukon if i remember right.
i love both baeg and bagbagkong in dinengdeng.
the plants in your last picture are i think called "quiapo", we used to have them in our small backyard fish pond back in pi.

hello mrs. m, thanks for taking the time to stop and comment. "interesting" is such a loaded word, isn't it? i always take it to be a cautionary notice. thanks for the correction on the bagbagkong as baeg, i know there's another name as well, maybe someone else can share...?

Hi Santos, nice to know you chose to take a short retreat here from the rain. It's been raining here too! Such weird February weather.
I went to the Salcedo market last Saturday, bought freshly made piaya, 3 kinds of tomatoes, some dulong, avocadoes and lots of native onions and siling labuyo. Have been munching happily on salads for days now.

hi mila! the weather was great last weekend, i wasn't sweating buckets when i was walking around.

did you buy one of these braids? i love them, i wish i could figure out a way to smuggle the native onions back...i rarely see them here :(

Well its -9º here in mid-coast Maine, thanks for the visit to warmer climes and my favorite destination, the market!

hi mary jane! the first photo is my attempt at a 'winter white' shot....it's a balmy 86˚F here on island today....can't complain!

lol. the "dirty ice cream" is my favorite. so lucky of you to have an impromptu hop to manila. impromptu are my favorite kinds of plans. i was curious to know what you thought about our coincidental choice of lunch the other day, per L13.

loverly - thank you!

oooh 86 - I wish, I wish! Freezing rain for us today, but on the plus side most everyone stayed home, so very light traffic this morning :)

hello miss mimi! funny, it seems like everyone was at red that day, even though i only saw a handful of people. i thought the salad bar needed more greens, but the pokis/ceviches were good, the thai beef salad tasted southwestern, the dumplings were too big and the wrappers too thick, but at least they weren't oily. the salmon i had was good, but the butter sauce tasted almost fake; the snapper was old. desserts, excellent. (laughing) also, the sofabeds just made me want to sleep. (still laughing) what did you think?

hi cathy, it's still sunny. it's still 86. still can't complain!

no stupid, stupid rain ;)

Great photos! I'm a big fan of roasted chestnuts, but I like them best during the winter time...I guess there is not much cold or snowly weather out there! :-)

I think spring is finally arriving in Yokohama, but I'm heading up to Nagano tomorrow, which I'm sure will still be white with snow. Time to enjoy that last bit of winter before heading to Guam! lol

That picture of fruits on bangketa stalls brought me back (waaay back) to my college years in Manila. Every weekend, I'll buy a kilo of lanzones at the Philippine Rabbit bus station and gobble them up during my 3 hour trip back to my province, Tarlac. I wonder now how I managed to enjoy them with relish when most of the time, I'll have a man with his "maasim na kili-kili" hovering over me in the very crowded bus.