happy new year!

tea eggs

hello! did you have a good new year? mine was sort of _____. it was actually quite a good day even though i had to go to work; but, i didn't get to celebrate, and my dinner sort of sucked. boo. i hope it's not a foreshadowing of the year to come. i wasn't able to cook anything special for the lunar new year, but did manage these tea eggs during the last half of a project runway mini-marathon. simple snack tastiness + high fashion drama = excellent evening in the banana household. :sigh:

tea eggs are a popular asian street food, prepared by simmering boiled eggs in a tea, soy sauce and spice mix. the marbling comes from a light cracking of the shell, and a long simmer time. surprisingly, even after a couple hours in the hot bath, the egg white does not become super-rubbery, and the yolk remains creamy. the flavour of the tea and spices permeates, but in a subtle way. i can't say i notice the spices all that much, but the smokiness of the tea and the light touch of salt enhance the flavour of the otherwise everyday egg. if this egg were a metaphor for how the rest of the year will be, i would say that it would be solid, sunny, with a touch of erratic glamour. i'll take it! and happy new year to you all.

tea eggs

6-8 eggs
water, enough to cover eggs

1 tsp salt
3 tbsp soy sauce
3 teabags (i used oolong)
2 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
black peppercorns
2 long strips of orange peel, with most (or all) of the white pith removed

place eggs in saucepan with water. bring to a boil. turn off heat, leave eggs in pan for 10 minutes. remove eggs from pan (save water), tap them with the back of a spoon to crack the shells, keeping the shells intact.

return eggs in water with tea, soy sauce, peel, and spices. add more water to just cover the eggs if necessary. bring back to a boil, then simmer for two hours. or, do this step in a rice cooker; after the boil, set the rice cooker to "warm" position, and leave the eggs for two hours. peel one egg as a test. if the colour isn't dark enough, leave the eggs in the simmering mix for longer, or store the (unshelled) eggs immersed in the liquid in the fridge overnight.


Spidery looking.. cool.. :)

Great idea using the rice cooker! I'll have to try that next time. My girls love the lines. They said it reminds them of tie die. :)


Very very creepy but cool looking eggs! Sorry your new year was just eh!

this looks so cool, i'm trying this for a breakfast treat for my choir tomorrow morning. it was great fun crazing the eggs intentionally!

mamabok, jmom, and hillary, wouldn't this be a fun treat for a halloween party?

bfelice, hello my flickr friend! what a great idea. lucky people!

The eggs look really cool! I may try this. SW always has buy one get one free eggs that I can't resist so end up boiling a lot of them

hey acornbud, wouldn't it be great if that deal applied to any amount of eggs? if you only wanted two you'd just have to pay for one....

Those look wonderful - my husband loves tea eggs!

happy lunar new year! i didn't do much for except eat my mom's rice cake soup and watch whole lotta tv, which was actually nice. i'm a couch potato. tea eggs look so cool.

Oh! These were so wonderful and so beautiful AND such fun! The majority were eaten the next morning, but a few were refrigerated and in the ensuing days, the flavors intensified! Lovely. I think I am going to try thyme and lavender and earl grey next!!

egads girl! Your pictures are stunning! more and more beautiful everyday. and as usual, I'm starving for everything you make, sitting in a small town in Maine with limited takeout opportunities. happy new year!

I agree! Your pictures are gorgeous! I may skip the eggs, but I can't wait to try your other recipes...

Oh I want to try these!! They're so beautiful. :)

hello madam chow, they're great!

susan, ahhhh, that sounds like a great new year start, actually :)

bfelice, you rock! lavender and earl grey, what a wonderful idea.

hello mary jane, i loved all your winter white photos, very inspiring. so if my photos look better, you were definitely an influence. happy new year to you and yours!

hi daisy, let me know which ones you try!

hey toni, happy new year to you and your family!

Hi there, I originally left a comment on the recipe I'm talking about but didn't get a reply so thought I should post one here - I was wondering if I could use your photo and recipe for matcha tiramisu on my matcha website, at your discretion of course. Love your blog by the way.

Hi Ben! as long as there is proper attribution it's fine with me :)