oh noes! no mo' jojo's


sad news for all the folks who got to enjoy one of my favourite food places on island, jojo's adobo. owner jojo santo tomas has decided to go back to work at the local paper, so he's closed up shop. no more sage-rubbed adobo or green fish or even the infamous man meals in the near future, but he says he might consider taking catering jobs one day. let's hope that day comes soon!


Awwh. Hate it one of the favorites closes:(


Sorry to hear that one of your favorites is closing.

BUT...I do LOVE those t-shirts. Too bad they all seem to be womens styles though.

I LOVE your blog... the photos amaze me...

acornbud, me too :( ah well. it's a little easier on the diet though.

reid, no there's lots of styles!

breewee, hi! thanks for taking the time to comment, and hope to see you here again!