happy halloween!

salcedo market pumpkins 2

i saw these pumpkins at salcedo market the other week. pumpkins aren't common in the philippines, especially the decorative variety. although, i'm pretty sure someone's going to try to eat these....

salcedo market pumpkins 1


you know, I have a lot of ambivalence about pumpkin carving, because to me, they are food. so I just don't look. photos later, check in with us! xox

lets make pumpkin soup

michelle, i'll be checking!

docchef, omg, yes

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Happy belated Halloween to you! I made a curry recently with pumpkin that was wonderful and so different from anything I've every had - it had basil and star anise in it. In fact, I think that was the first time I've ever made a savory dish with pumpkin.


Great Halloween Pics

Mentioned your site and the Myoga piece yesterday on 'Serge the Concierge'in a post on Produce in the Japanese Supermarket.

Here is the link

Have a great week-end

'The French Guy from New Jersey'

Your photography is fantastic! I am so impressed with the vibrancy of the colours. Could you tell me what camera you use?

It is a great site - thank you
Howard Cobb
United Kingdom

Although I love Halloween I actually hate pumpkins (as a food) it is the same with swede and turnips, but saying that I love parsnips especially if they been thrown on the old barbecues and cooked with the meat. I beleive these vegs are related so I find it strange. The thing I remember from being a kid is that after we made the laterns mom would use the scrapped out inners for a pie or something and I hated it.