a taste of manila.

not really reviews but a little visual guide of some of the things i ate and drank whilst in manila last week. most of these restos are in the greenbelt area as i was without transportation, but as far as neighbourhoods go, mine is pretty darned good for food. all in all, pretty good stuff. maybe something here will entice you to seek it out :)

manila food and drink pt. 1
*(best viewed if you click through to the flickr page with notes or click here)*

top row: green mango salad, "green legs" green mango and dalandan shake, corned beef brisket sinigang, grilled galunggong (mackerel scad), all from sentro; rogan josht and vegetable biryani from bollywood.
second row: steamed seafood curry, sticky rice and mango, prawns wrapped in vermicelli, and lemongrass and ginger cooler from people's palace.
third row: pako fern salad with salted duck eggs, lengua, bicol express vegetables in coconut milk from abe's.
fourth row: fresh lumpia ubod (heart of palm wrapped in crepes), lumpia filled with a spiced garbanzo mixture, from abe's. kani crab and lettuce salad, tofu steak with brown enoki mushroom and spinach from sugi.

manila food and drink, pt. 2
*(best viewed if you click through to the flickr page with notes or click here)*

top row: lampone raspberry sorbetto, stracciatella chocolate chip gelato, nocciolo hazelnut gelato from gelatone by pagliacci; kaffir lime, labuyo chili pepper dark chocolate, and orange pandan creme brulees from m café; custard tarts from lord stow's bakery; ping pong cocktail with lychee fruit, passionfruit juice and absolut vodka, vanilla ice cream with shots of espresso and amaretto and biscotti, from people's palace.
second row: muesli with fresh mango and banana, tarragon ice tea, chocolate ensaymada, sophia sugar-free chocolate mousse dessert, chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream and orange sauce from bizu.
third row: chicken with cashews, fried prawns, assorted dim sum, and sautéed asparague from president.
fourth row: artichoke and spinach fondue, hummous (chickpea), tzatziki(yogurt/cucumber), melitzanosalata (roasted eggplant/tomatoes), and htipiti (roasted pepper/feta) dips, greek salad and chicken shishkebab from cyma estiatorio.
fifth row: one tea of many, assorted dim sum (including very good xiao long bao soup dumplings, pineapple fried rice from zhongnanhai chinese bistro.

check them out.

g/f serendra circle, fort bonifacio, taguig

bollywood bistro and bar
3/f greenbelt 3, ayala center, makati

bizu patisserie
g/f greenbelt 2, ayala center, makati

cyma estiatorio
g/f greenbelt 2, ayala center, makati

2/f greenbelt 3, ayala center, makati

lord stow's bakery
market!market! fort bonifacio, taguig

museum (m) cafe
g/f greenbelt 4, ayala center, makati

people's palace
612 g/f greenbelt 3, ayala center, makati

president restaurant
ongpin street, binondo, manila

sentro 1771
2/f greenbelt 3, ayala center, makati

g/f greenbelt 2, ayala center makati

zhongnanhai chinese bistro
g/f, greenbelt 2, ayala center, makati


Oooh! Yummo! What a great variety! I love sinigang.

acornbud, me too. this is a particularl good one too--lots of veggies, not particularly greasy and lots of flavour.

Wow! One weekend? I bow to thee.

nooooo! zomg, that would be awesome but then i couldn't fit in the plane! one *week* :)

your post made me miss Manila even more *sigh* I want all of those foods! :)

hi anne! i hope you are feeling better. i have to say i arrived in manila at a good time--it started to rain just a little every day so it wasn't so horribly hot, so i had a lot more energy to walk around. which was good, considering how much food we ate!

Wow Santos...just plain wow.....

MMMMmmm! Oh Wow.Speechless! Thanks for the tour, boy am I hungry now!

Looking at this amazing food brings me close to tears of desire-- really, I'm at work trying not to cry.

food! really, in manila you are spoiled for choice.

Looks like you had quite the gatronomic adventure in Manila, way to go you! :D

Hope you visit artist chef the next time u visit manila.... I will share you good food whether filipino cuisine or dishes around the world.
for P 1,800 or US$40 ---- good for two, from soup, appetizer, main dish, dessert and drinks.