fruit vendors, binondo, manila
fruit vendors, binondo, manila, philippines.


im here vacationing for the weekend too!! how cool is that. i was checking your blog of inspiration.

only for a weekend! butbutbut there's so much to do and so little time!

Those fruit are so nice and colorful. Manilla must be a fun place to shop!

acornbud, i think you would really enjoy it. the dollar goes a looonnnnngggg way there, and there is really too much stuff to buy. although i have friends who definitely try to buy everything ;)

i tried people's palace!!....lurved it!!...wish i had room for the green mango and catfish salad and all the beverages.....i shall return!

whooo! it is fabulous enough for fabulous mimi? ;) if you want someplace romantic and cozy to go to, try lemuria in quezon city. food (french-mediterranean) is excellent!

ps--you can get stella at beers paradise on polaris st in makati