happy valentine's

a little mod love for some mod love led to this. thank you matt from abstract gourmet for finding the video for this obscure but lovely little ditty--and happy valentine's day to you all.



is that a pristine and tender, valentine heart-shaped cookie battered and bruised barbarically by a quad-pronged steel instrument?

why, yes. covered in pink fat.

how'd you like the belgian pop from the eighties? i'm surprised it's not a hit in the philippines.

hi santos,

i will be in guam just over this weekend. where can i get good turon?are there natural food stores around?

thanks, hazel

hi hazel! buenas! there are two natural food shops--simply food, across from the governor's house in agana heights, and nuts and grains behind the oka payless in tamuning on the way to the hospital. however, pay-less supermarkets--in particular the branch at the micronesia mall--has a lot of organic products available. the micronesia mall location has a separate section dedicate to organic, vegetarian, and "natural" products.

as for turon, you can get it at most turo-turo places on island, and even in small supermarkets. there are a couple of people who sell turon to some of the smaller markets, but i really like one over the other--can't think of their name, though, and i don't recall where they sell it outside of my office building! cabalen and seaside mart in harmon across from iglesia ni christo both have good turon, but sometimes there's a lady selling veggies right outside--she makes them right there, and she uses superripe bananas, they're always really good.

hm. where are you staying? i can pinpoint a location for you.

hi there again,

we'll be at the Hilton. I'm bringing tupperware so I can take a lot of turon home to be frozen.
last time i was there i found good hopia at the supermarket next to the outlet mall. would be great if you can give me directions or name of a shop. will see if we have time to check out the restos you featured on your site recently.
thanx again....

hazel, do you want cooked or uncooked turon? because one of my coworker's aunts makes the best turon, and she'll take special orders--they'll probably even deliver it to you at the hilton. i think they're only 50 cents each. email me: green.bananas@gmail.com if you'd like to place an order.

Thanks for the you tube link - lovely.

tim, thank you for uploading it. still one of my all-time favourites.

oohallo, santos,

if it is alright with you, my anime club would like to use some of the photographs of ochazuke you posted a long, long time ago as part of our webpage. (the pokemon one, i think.)

we will credit and link appropriately, and such.

thank you very much.