"i don't know why, i went missing."

cabbages and hyacinths 2

hello kids! just back from a very whirlwind visit to los angeles. unfortunately, it wasn't a culinary inclined sojourn, but there were moments (believe me, there were moments). they will be chronicled, as ever, on my la blog, so sit tight, relax, and the blog will begin again shortly.


Welcome back. What a nice colorful picture. I made another recipe, the cornbread with the cream surprise from Marion Cunninham's Breakfast book. It has become one of my favorite cookbooks. Thanks for turning me on to it.

hi acornbud! it's a great cookbook, isn't it? a foodie friend, hailyn, turned me on to the lemon zephyrs recipe--it's one of my favourites now. that cornbread sounds deeeeelish, i'll have to look it up.

The cornbread was great with a little honey drizzle on top. This Hawaiian loves her cornbread sweet! I'll have to try the lemon zephyr.

What we say in Maine: It's February.
And thanks for Joining "52 Loaves".

acornbud, sweets for the sweet!

maryjane, i'd never heard that before. i LOVE it. and i joined in a pique of madness. before i remembered that white flour and white sugar make me crazy. and that i haven't cooked since the new year began. hm. i think i can still get those 52 loaves in this year though....

Take me when you go next time! How are you able to fly off island so much? I am kinda itching to get off here for a while as it's been over a year. However we leave in Oct. so I guess at this point, there is no point.

I've never even been to CA, crazy, huh?

I found a restaurant in Tumon, which was very good. Proa, ever been there? It's nice, very talented chefs, but they are just starting out, so they are pretty limited menu wise. But it was good. I had the dessert sampler, mmm!

carla, you should get yourself to australia before you leave--you are really quite close!

never been to ca! you'll *have* to come with me :)

i've been to proa, i like it a lot, despite the limited menu. i am looking forward to their bakery opening up, though. need more desserts!