lunch at issin: a quick note.

issin bento

for any guambats on island, just a notice: issin at the westin hotel is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering a 30% discount on all items from the sushi bar. imo, issin is one of the best japanese restaurants on island, so i'd take advantage of this almost cheapness before it goes back to being über-pricy. we indulged today with some of their regular lunchtime specials: the issin bento pictured above, which includes prawn tenpura (tempura), grilled salmon and sashimi, and also the prawn tendon-six fat prawns on a bed of rice.

issin tendon

of course, we indulged with some spicy tuna rolls and spider soft shell crab rolls. the highlight of the meal, however, was the freshly grated wasabi horseradish that came with our sushi and sashimi. good stuff, that.

issin spicy tuna and spider soft shell crab rolls

if you do go, you can always have an after meal coffee at the not starbucks in the westin lobby. guam lacks an actual starbucks franchise (which is not a bad thing, i don't think), but as the westin serves starbucks brand coffee in all their restaurants, they've got starbucks-esque drinks in their coffee bar. whoot. and cookies the size of your head.

not starbucks frappuccino and really big cookies

but really, i would just go for the amazing view.

not starbucks view

issin and cha cha cha (the not starbucks)
westin resort,
105 gun beach road (x-street pale san vitores)


the view is amaaaazing...

hello there, just wanted to tell you real quick that i really enjoy your blog. you write lovely and your food choices are just the same. very nice blog, indeed :) cheers.

Looks like a veritable feast - and what a location to enjoy it from!