the devil wears pirikara.

sardine bento(u)

i have lately been obsessed with these shoes; i don't think i've thought this much about a pair of shoes since my first doc martens in my teenaged years. i don't know what it is--i scoff at the "sex and the city" girls who would rather have uncomfortable, expensively clad feet than pay the rent, i generally only rotate out two pairs of shoes (black, not black) at a time. still, they're gorgeous, aren't they? sexy burgundy patent leather on a honeyed stacked wood heel, i imagine those louboutins are the cobbled equivalent of a very good, very expensive french wine. and at 4 2/5" high (2/5th inches!), i would be TALL. er. however, at US$710, i could also stand on a stack of 710 one dollar bills and be just as tall, only like, richer. maybe i'll just take up drinking sexy, oaky, expensive french wines.

so, i have shoes on my mind; when i saw this bento lunch box on the fantastic e-obento website, i knew i had to completely rip it off faithfully recreate it. these fabulous gams were made with fresh sardines, marinated overnight in a pirikara spicy sauce of soy sauce, sesame oil, ground fresh chilis and grated ginger, then grilled and served on a bed of steamed white rice, and a green salad on the side. the shoes and skirt were carved from a red capsicum pepper. yay. and at roughly $4 for all the ingredients for two servings, i'm still $706 richer.


feel the need to play with your food? check out cooking cute (check her links page for other bento blogs).


Gee I dunno, after watching this at a Vivienne Westwood show, I'm kinda sticking to Birkenstocks.


and haha about the doc martens. I remember those were a fad in school. I used to get teased about not owning a pair of doc martens when I was in middle school at st anthony. I didn't know what was going on, being straight from the boonies (saipan--close enough).


Love, love, love it Santos!:-)

yum...not the shoes but the fish itself....pretty!

OMG! i am sorta obsessed, as well, though with the stacked heel peep toe in black patent leather. *sigh*

I wear size 10 1/2 shoes (which are practically non-existent), so I've never allowed myself to get too excited about shoes - those are pretty though. I love your bento though. It looks like a car just drove by, sprayed her legs with mud, and even blew the skirt a little! I was curious to see your inspiration, but I couldn't find it. I looked on the main page and even browsed through several months of the archive - where is it?

Love it! Both the shoes and the bento...

now, mr. anthony, she's carrying a pail of water--what is that outfit for? mixing concrete for the extension? if you were wearing it, i'm sure you'd be smart enough to wear a longer skirt.

shelly--ah, adolescent peer pressure! it's still ruling our lives!

hallo zarah! the fish or the shoes?;)

hi tin--and tasty too!

sarah, at least the stacked heel is $200 cheaper--you can buy lots of sardines with that.

hi cathy, funny, i wear a 10.5 too, but i just get an 11 (frighteningly, the same size paris hilton wears, only like she's a dress size 2. which i am not. ha.) what i especially love about the louboutins is that these seem to start at size 9, to 12! fab. yoo. luss.

it's funny, i can't actually find the bento right now--i'm certain it's in the early part of 2006, though. maybe march??

shukumei--i can only dream about the shoes, but i can definitely have the bento!

Those shoes are mindblowing.....$700 is a lot, but hmmmmm..........might be worth it!

Your sardine legs look yummy.

This is really cute! and thanks for the Cooking Cute link !

I love it! The bento, the shoes, the oh-so-clever title of your post. :) You're on a bento roll -- don't stop! And thanks for the link. ;)

Hah, that is too funny. I'm thinking $710 would buy me a lot ot Totoro dishes;)

Oh, they're beautiful, Santos! Both food and shoes!

How cool:) I'm off to see the movie tomorrow, hope it's good and that it'll inspire some bento box creativity in me;)

wow, those shoes are gorgeous! i dont usually wear those platform type shoes but they look soo cute i might even reconsider if not for the price.

love the red shoes and skirt on the fish too.

Ooooh that's too cute to eat!!!

awesome, well dressed and fashionable in a fraction of the price. This is why i love food.

hi michelle, lucky you--your feet were made for sample sales!

helen, it comes in very handy at sales time, doesn't it? the only time i'm rather happy to have big feet is when i go the high-end shop outlets and find really expensive shoes in size 11 or 12--i've gotten a pair of campers for $10 and some veddy nice gucci sandals for under $20!

tokyoastrogirl, the sardines were really good, i'll have to do this again. maybe without the shoes :)

hello cécile--i hope you find some inspiration there!

hi ngoc! i've been outta town, so i'll have to get back on the bento bandwagon....

acornbud, you could buy a whole houseful of totoro products for that :)

gitto, they are! but i think i prefer the sardines.

pille, what did you think of the movie?

ilingc, i have yet to find a good knockoff of the shoe....

toni, no food is too cute to eat!

hi jenjen, good point. me too :)

The shoes are cute but I dont' think I'll impoverish myself for them. I like wedges though.

So glad to hear of other women with big feet. I've suffered in silence long enough! Anyone know any decent places in Manila that sell leather shoes in size 10/11?

hi mila, i've been wondering about that myself--if you find any place with larger sized sandals, let me know too :) i noticed marks+spensive's has larger sized shoes, but not a very good selection.

I love the legs! the shades of the sardines are just right.
I like the bento site too, they do really amazing lunches for their kids to show off=D