tsogb food photography tips nos. 6 and 666.

lemon chair
when life gives you lemons, photograph 'em.

food photography tip no. 6: trust your eye. before you say you take bad photos, step back and take a look; your photos may not look like x's or y's, but is that really a bad thing? don't let dissatisfaction cloud your judgement about how good your photos probably are already. find the beauty in what you do. and take more photos for experience and to find your style.


final tip, no. 666: don't steal anyone else's photos--almost always you'll get caught out. ask permission to use a photo first.


Good advice. It's amazing how wonderful food can look:)

hi acornbud! when you are working with such a wonderful subject, how can your photos go wrong? :)

r we gettin sum lemonee recipes....lemon curd,lemon sherbets, lemon cupcakes with lemony filling n frosting, lemon preserves, candied lemon,......... oh santos!!!! itz wondaaful 2 havya bac bloggin..missed u a lot!!!!!!

You make all food look goooood, Santos!

love, love, love this one! The colors are amazing, not to mention the composition. I know it's probably supposed to look like it just happened, but did it really?

anahita, hi!!! these were from this summer, aren't they gorgeous? i made a few things, but just ended up making a lot of lemonade!

aw, toni, thanks! i wonder if i can make spam look good, i should go carve up a can....

cathy, of course it "just happened" (laughing) i had to put them somewhere, didn't i? ;)

hi santos!
thanks for all the tips - so handy!
I’m saving up for a better camera (I have the worst thing right now...) but because I of course have to take pictures of my baking’s right now, it's really nice to have some tips....thanks!!

It made my day to see your blog up and running! It makes me homesick (and hungry for home food). Since I've been in the mainland for so long.

Thanks for sharing!

hello julia, your photos are quite good--keep up the good work, and i'm happy i could provide some tips for you!

hi shellyb, i'll have more local stuffs soon!

I loved your photography tips! Esp 666!! You are so right!

Hi Santos! Thank you for these tips (and ALL of your tips)! Excellent advice, and I love all of the accompanying photos - beautiful!

So great to have you back, Santos! Have miss all your wonderful creations and photography.

Hi S,

I need some lemons..have any to spare? =)

Thanks for the great advice! (I definitely needed them ahhahaha)

hi manisha, gilly, jacelyn and mona! thanks for dropping by!

omg, reid, can you imagine? no. they're all gone!

Heee... nothing make a food blogger more annoying than knowing that there is no more battery for taking the next picture, which is always the important one. *urgh*

Hey, like the way how you use 666 to say devil. ;)

hi fishfish! that always happens to me :P