tsogb food photography tips nos. 4 and 5.

my camera

food photography tip no. 4: always bring your (charged) camera with you. don't leave it charging on the kitchen counter when you are in mexico. or k-mart.

food photography tip no. 5: understand the limitations of your camera, work with them. i spent about $150 on my point and shoot digital camera that has a horrible flash, and a really terrible macro lens. that means i usually shoot in natural light, and i don't take close up photos.


i'm okay with that.


More good points!
I wish my camera liked to take pictures at night, but then maybe I just need to find the right settings.

Man, that cinnamon roll is gorgeous! Now I am off to Cinnabon (because I am lazy).

hi acornbud! my camera takes terrible photos at night. i still take them, but i rarely use them.

anon--funnily enough, i found the recipe for these cinnmon rolls from this site!

I love this serious of food photography tips. Being a budding food photographer, I find that the flash just isn't helpful in most cases. If you can set the ISO high enough to avoid graininess in dim light, you can usually get a decent photo. And for those places where it's really dark, maybe they just don't deserve a photo!


I love any tips which help me to improve my food blog!

I'm unfortunately afflicted with "cheap camera syndrome" and can only wish of such beautiful photos at the moment.

hi reese! that's a good way of looking at it :)

scott, your photos are lovely, cheap camera or not.

i'm ok with that too

especially when the result is this yummy looking

Hi Santos!

Great point about knowing your camera's limitations. There seems to be a perception that everyone needs a Canon EOS as a kind of absolute minimum for decent food photography but that's crap. I got a Canon compact digital largely on the basis of it's great macro function and because you can shoot in aperture priority, and I get pictures as good as those shot with far better cameras. I know exactly what it can and can't do and I hope I'm getting the best quality possible out of it. I never (well, maybe 0.01% of my shots) shoot food using a flash. In low light I get in close and use an aperture of 2.8 and that has always delivered reasonably sharp shots that can be fixed up in Photoshop later if the room was very dark. I go for sharp focus over almost anything because you can fix almost anything in Photoshop - except dodgy focus! ;-)

Heya. Been reading your food blog for a couple of months now. It's been a compulsory site to visit on a daily basis after checking my emails and other things!

Just wanted to know whether you had a recipe somewhere for the cinnamon roll and frosting. Looks sooo yummy.

hi bernadette, i put up this post that links to where i got the cinnamon roll recipe. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!