i was tagged for that 4 things meme, but it mutated to a los angeles thing, so you can find it on my la blog, third and fairfax. if you are a food blogger in los angeles, consider yourself tagged.

and while it's not really news, i just wanted to say that alfie* has been with us for one year now. yay, puppy. he is all grown up now, but still loves his toys (although he's graduated from sushi to whole cows).

alfie, 1 year later

more puppy photos here!

**yes, he was called ralph fukumoto at some point, but we fear the real ralph fukumoto may show up sometime and object. ralph = alf = alfie!


He is such a cutie!!!

Happy Anniversary to you asnd your Alfie!

Great Puppy pictures!

youre blog makes me hungry...
this is a good story
greetz from holland...

Adorable puppy pic! I hope you're sending it in to Weekend Dog Blogging.

hello everyone, alfie is glad to be here and thanks you for your well wishes.

cate, my weekend is nearly over, so perhaps i'll get to the WDB next time!

Cute dog! He looks very happy with his little cow toy.

Hi. I've been visiting your blog lately and I absolutely fell in love with it!
I'm curious though, are you a woman named Santos?

so cute!!!!

Hi santos. I'll ask CL about her Costa Rican beach town and get back to you. She's told me the name before but I can never remember it.

hi julie--i'm not sure he'd be so happy with a real one :)

hi awi--santos is my surname. thanks for dropping by!

hi robs, he's batting his eyelashes just for you.

thanks eggy! i'd love to visit her shop.

Our dog, Sophie, also has a cow toy like Alfie. It's her most favorite of all the toys she has.