found puppy

hello, i haven't forgotten you, nor the pao doce chronicles. i've been a bit busy with one thing or another, but shall return quite soon. in the meantime, look at what we found in the boonies! isn't he a cutie? we haven't named him yet, but i'm thinking he looks like a ralph. ralph fukumoto. what do you think?


hi fukumoto-san, hajime-mashite, dozo yoroshiku!

hi santos, don't overstrain yourself, take care!

oh my, he is sooo cute! What does your other dog (sorry, I can't remember his/her name)? I guess dogs are different from cats - the more the merrier as far as they're concerned. I think my cat would get his nose seriously out of joint if I brought home a kitten.

oh, those eyes! thanks for the photo, and take care of yourself!

oh, he's absolutely adorable! His eyes simply make me melt. Do you need a dogsitter, santos?

wow, never heard of boonies for a while, heehee. he looks like a lil' angel, cute sya. have a great weekend.

Awwwwww! Hi Ralphie! I'll dog-sit you anytime too! Be nice to your new mom and don't chew all her stuff - I'm sure she'll make you great real food!:-)

Hi Santos,

What a cute puppy! I'm jealous. I wish I could have one just like him.

hi chika-san! how do japanese dogs bark? yap-yap-yap? arf-arf?

hi cathy--smoo either hates this pup or ignores it. she's v. catlike, smoo, except when she's no longer the puppy then she's just a p***ed off dog.

hi hailyn--he's got the most beautiful eyes! he's a total looker.

hi julia! come and dogsit, anytime! you too zarah!

hi talhey--have a great weekend too. stay out of the boonies :-)

hi reid--i can't keep dogs in my condo so he's here at my folks' house. we've got so many dogs...it's crazy.

we say dogs bark わんわん

Hi Santos, I had problems posting comments on your site, but Mimi and I wanted to say hello to your cute puppy. Woof!

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